MyGet 2012.1 Release Notes

MyGet 2012.1 was released on December 10, 2012.



  • Edit gallery settings: import readme from GitHub.
  • Search for feeds.
  • Search for packages in a feed.
  • Provide ordering for package sources.
  • Reposition feed gallery readme.
  • Link to package details page from feed RSS feed.
  • Add password recovery workflow.
  • Support username/password login next to social identities.

MyGet Enterprise

  • Add a "Revert to defaults" button when editing user quota.
  • Add user management.

MyGet Build Services

  • Use GitHub OAuth credentials instead of username/password.
  • More verbose build log.
  • Support CodePlex SVN, Git and Hg repositories.
  • Support BitBucket Git and Hg repositories.
  • Run build.bat if it's provided.

Bug Fixes

  • nuget.exe list with multiple search keywords does not work.
  • Visual Studio asks for credentials twice for some private feeds.

Happy packaging!

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