MyGet 2013.1 Release Notes

MyGet 2013.1 was released on January 5, 2013.



  • Display feeds on profile page.
  • Allow specifying links to other social networks in profile page.
  • Redesign public profile page.
  • Display feed activity log.
  • Quota warning when quota exceeds 70% of the current plan.
  • Make it possible to clone a feed.
  • Search feed in gallery.
  • Feed retention policies.

MyGet Build Services

  • TypeScript build targets installed on build servers.
  • Support building portable libraries.
  • Support linking CodePlex projects to a build source.
  • Support linking BitBucket projects to a build source.
  • Add a buildrunner environment variable.

Bug Fixes

  • Add package shows prerelease packages even when option is not checked.
  • Build should fail when build.bat returns a non-zero code.
  • Build fails on private BitBucket repositories.
  • API key is lost after editing profile.

Happy packaging!

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