MyGet 2013.3 Release Notes

MyGet 2013.3 was released on May 17, 2013.


MyGet Docs (new!)

  • New MyGet Documentation site at


  • Support for NuGet 2.5
  • Support for NuGet 2.5 new search syntax to query feeds
  • Support for cross-domain calls to MyGet feeds from within Silverlight
  • Support for ReSharper Extensions Gallery as package source preset
  • Support for filtering & searching feeds on home page when authenticated
  • Support for paging in the MyGet Gallery
  • Support for traditional username/password registration on the MyGet Web site
  • Support for user invitation by username to claim access to a feed
  • Support for Package Source Discovery
  • Support for SymbolSource in Package Source Discovery
  • Redesign of home page when authenticated
  • Activity streams on home page when authenticated
  • Activity stream on own user profile when authenticated
  • Links to the FAQ page are now pointing to
  • New feed setting: auto-publish symbols
  • Added username and subscription ID to Subscription Reminder emails
  • Added link on the plans page to request a free trial of one of the paid plans

MyGet Enterprise

  • All fixes and features mentioned on this page also apply to MyGet Enterprise

MyGet Build Services

  • AssemblyInfo patching as-a-service
  • Show number of packages produced during build
  • Link to packages produced during build
  • Support for build.cmd
  • Support for build.ps1
  • Improved custom build script support by providing various settings as process-specific environment variables

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the feed activity page
  • Fixed an issue with NuGet package restore over HTTPS
  • Fixed an issue with pushing packages to caused by enforced SSL
  • Fixed an issue with pushing pre-release packages upstream
  • Fixed an issue with build sources page scrolling to top upon every refresh
  • Fixed an issue with validation of build source branch name
  • Fixed an issue with uploading packages as a feed contributor
  • Fixed an issue with Git repository cloning
  • Numerous performance improvements

Happy packaging!

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